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TWIRRH #3: Handshake It Off, Eggs Are A-Flyin', and Friends Suing Friends

September 24, 2021 Trailblaze Media Season 1 Episode 17
Anchored The Podcast
TWIRRH #3: Handshake It Off, Eggs Are A-Flyin', and Friends Suing Friends
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In the third installment of That Week in Ridiculous Rhody Headlines Shay and Elise dive deep into what the Providence Journal had to whip up between September 24-October 1 in the early 20th century.

If you're into hearing about how Shay didn't do her research and chose a sad story, an egg fight between the AFL and CIO of Rhode Island *before* they hooked up,  and one boy losing an eye and also a friend...this is the episode for you.

And! As an added bonus! Shay and Elise cover something that made news *this week* in Rhode Island. It may sound like they're a little harsh towards the Rhode Island Political Cooperative, but they're just really, really bad at sarcasm (apparently).


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Shay  0:01  
From Trailblaze This is the third installment of angered that week in ridiculous roadie headlines for your host Shay

Elise  0:07  
and Elise and on September 26 1925, a wife comma denied divorce comma refuses handshake.

[Theme Music]

Yeah, so Shay tried to give me this because she thought it was gonna be fun which shows to me that she doesn't do a lot of research because it's actually just a really horrible case of domestic violence.

Unknown Speaker  0:36  
Yeah, no, it was sad. It was it was just so like succinct like the the headline wife denied divorce refuses handshake.

Elise  0:44  
She's like, I'm in this girl who goes and do the reading. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker  0:48  
I know. sparknotes not even sparknotes. Yeah, no, it's like this very simple headline turns into this much bigger than

Elise  0:55  
Well, let me tell you the tale, my friends. So first, like we said, the headline barely scratches the surface, the surface of this story, which reads like the beginning of the Martina McBride song. Basically, the man in this marriage is a lieutenant in the protec Fire Department. Like we said before, it's 1925. And these two have been married since 1902, which is 23 years without TV. And it sounds horrible. 

Shay  1:21  
No TV in the bedroom. 

Elise  1:22  
Yep. Again, it was I'm not making light of the situation, it was pretty awful. So if we had a 24 hour news cycle, or even a follow up to this article, heck, I'll even a real journalist who would have gotten more out of this story with what we're actually working with in the first place. We'd have more to tell you, but basically, again, 1925 women can't do shit. They ain't shit and we don't have shit. So when your husband roughs you up and calls you out your name and threatens you in front of your sons, and you thusly file for divorce, the judge is going to deny your petition for divorce and encourage you and your husband to shake hands. Like he's extending an olive branch. She, in her one last moment of dignity, denied that handshake. And that is what should have made the headline, not the domestic violence or both have their sons testifying on the mom's behalf or that assumingly this fire Lieutenant was able to keep his job. And I'm going to tell you here and now that I hope it ended like Martina McBride song, and she burned the house down and blamed it on him because we all know that most arsonists are actually firefighters because they know how to do it. Yep, I learned that from Chicago Fire which is a documentary on NBC. Sure it is. Boom, roasted

Shay  2:30  
boom roasted toasted.

Elise  2:32  
Oh god. Shay what you working with?

Unknown Speaker  2:38  
Eggs, flies CIO fights AFL here on September 28 1937. So the point of picking the story wasn't to whip up any controversy because we had autumn here with ri, AFL CIO the other week, but I chose it for a couple of reasons. One, I love saying the word AIG and generally think that it's anything's funny if you say the word egg.

Elise  3:06  
Says the girl who didn't grow up near a chicken farm.

Unknown Speaker  3:09  
My mom does have chickens. I lived on a chicken farm. I was the chicken My life is a chicken farm. They were my friends and my pets. And my confidence. But despite the humorous run ins headline Elise, this is no yolk. warm, warm, losing art. So it's 1937 this is September 20 1937. If I forgot to say that Amelia Earhart has disappeared, the Hindenburg has crashed and there is an enormous gas explosion in New Zealand in Texas that killed almost 300 students and teachers. Elise, what does this tell us?

Elise  3:44  
Yikes. Shit sucks in 37 things were going great.

Unknown Speaker  3:49  
There was a lot of feelings. The feelings were heightened. People were stressed they were anxious. They had to get their feelings out apparently by throwing eggs. So who is throwing these eggs? Why are they throwing these eggs? So this happens on 775 Westminster street in Providence, roughly were nice slices today just to paint a picture for everybody. So all right, so about eggs for pizza. It's 2021 so the full headline reads eggs flies CIO fights AFL here. Police call this rival unions open battle over contract at Goodyear plan statewide clash seen the skinny of the story is that the CIO the committee for industrial organization and the AFL American Federation of Labor were basically fighting over who got to, I guess, control a group of workers, the employees of the Goodyear footwear Corporation. The meeting where said eggs were thrown was a meeting with AFL union leaders were announcing the sign of a three year contract within Goodyear Corporation

Elise  4:48  
timeout good your footwear and not good your tires.

Unknown Speaker  4:51  
I'm pretty I wouldn't be surprised if it was the same thing. Man. Big, big rubber big plastic bag rubber So the backstory on this is that a week before the eggs were thrown, cio Regional Director for the New England states, Salvador camileo announced that he had filed charges with the National Labor Relations Board against AFL on the grounds that the contract signed was illegal. And they didn't have the consent of the rubber workers. Oh, proper rubber, rubber eggs.

Elise  5:21  
Imagine imagine like the way that they're arguing about

Unknown Speaker  5:24  
this. Oh, they don't care about the rubber workers. I don't care about the rubber whereas the rubber well guys

Unknown Speaker  5:30  
that rubber because it's gonna be ringtone. So that's when john kennedy, not john F. Kennedy. But john kennedy, AFL director organization in the state had a comeback that was like, we organized the rubber union last month and signed an agreement like two weeks ago. All right, yeah. So back back to the egg thrown through the eggs. Where did the eggs come from? The mother had no her eggs were being stolen. What if some of the people inside the meeting were vegan? It's a lot of questions that went unanswered in this article. But it seems that the person who wrote it definitely had an opinion on it.

Elise  6:09  
So it was literally just about like the he said, she said of who threw an egg basically, man, I just want to say like, there's not a lot of follow up, like the promo of today is very similar to the brojo of yesterday. And that, like we're just gonna put this out and and walk away from it. We're gonna light this fire and throw an egg.

Unknown Speaker  6:26  
Absolutely. And the majority of the article was about the AFL CIO and their clash over the rubber workers, but the way that they put in the headline that it's about eggs, yeah, like I'm gonna read a story about like some nice eggs. Maybe a soft scramble, sunny side up. Nothing. I got no eggs. I got eggs in the first two paragraphs,

Elise  6:49  
and it sounds like they cleaned it up though. The AFL CIO is now one.

Unknown Speaker  6:53  
It's to anybody who believes that you can hate somebody and then end up in a lovely relationship marriage down the road. And that's like a Hollywood love story. That's not real. That's just afl-cio.

Elise  7:06  
It is real. It isn't real. Yeah. Things like the divorce before. It's like no, that's not me and my best friend became best friends. We were not friend threw eggs at each other. Almost a guy get close. But next I got one for you. So mine is first of all, this is just insane. Okay, I have such respect for the copy editors of old timey pro job. So like it says, boy Sue's after I lost in war, but war is in quotations. lad 10 and his father suing another Edgewood father and son for $150,000 in damages. Judge looks over the scene. What? This is like trying to catch up on the news of the cnn news reel at the bottom. It just keeps going into like, what is wolf blitzer even fucking talking about?

Shay  7:52  
Have you ever known anybody who sued their friend?Have you ever been around that situation? 

Elise  7:57  
No, but I won't be friends with those people.

Unknown Speaker  7:58  
It's insanely fun to watch from like the third party perspective.

Elise  8:03  
I mean, sure, it's gotta be horrible. 

Unknown Speaker  8:05  
Then when you see them both at prom, it gets a little weird, but that's bizarre.

Elise  8:10  
We'll get into that later. But one of the things I took away from here is that kids can sue adults. It feels like something that we should have covered in that show all that on Nickelodeon. But anyway, it's 1937. And we haven't fully invested in World War Two yet. So the article legends that the alleges that the kids of this neighborhood are participating in a mock battle, using water and flower stocks as weapons, and there were a number of neighborhood kids playing quote, unquote, fake war. Two pertinent to this story, the plaintiff, Walter mesh, and the defendant, Thomas Montgomery. Allegedly It was a simple and non violent game of terror. entailment gamry pulled out his slingshot and beamed Walter right in the eye like ralphie had been warned about in A Christmas Story. Cue you'll shoot your eye out. Anyway, Tommy did while there's now a one eyed boy wander. Anyway, like Guinea? Is he still alive? I don't know. I tried to find out but there's a lot of Walter mix. As you can imagine. Anyway, like any litigious family, the militias thought that they had the golden ticket at Edgewood, and they claim that little Tommy Montgomery stripped Walter Mitch Jr. of his God given right to a college career and now is an this is a direct quote extremely nervous and has since developed an inferiority complex due to being a cyclops. So, the family stated that he needs a special tutor continued to to continue his educational programming. They claimed that Walter expected to earn at least $5,000 a year after his college career, only to have his future ripped out from under him at the tender age of 10. They sued Tommy, Tommy's dad, and asked to have the health care costs covered. What happened to the suit you asks. No one knows. There was no Again, no follow up. But I can tell you that the judge went to the yard to check out the scene of the crime. Mind you this legal proceeding took took place about a year after the two eyed Walter became one eyed Wally. Also, I'd like to add that this could have been serendipitous that while he was taken down by a rock in his own neighborhood, as it statistically likely that he had two eyes in the 50s, he would have been drafted again, statistically, and not made it back from Vietnam. So take that Mitch family. So stay, you know me pretty well. And I can't leave well enough alone. So I googled Walter Mitch. Turns out his family was so upset by the trivial amount awarded by the lower courts, which was $15,000

Shay  10:43  
in 1937. Yep.

Elise  10:47  
That they appealed to the state Supreme Court. Oh, and there was a whole judgment made about how Walter Mitch senior the dad was in and out of the court suing everyone from this child Tommy Montgomery to the Providence ice cream company,

Unknown Speaker  11:03  
my ice cream company I could not find again no follow

Elise  11:06  
up there's nothing there's nothing there. We've got nothing All I can say is lay off of it. Walter Sr.

Unknown Speaker  11:13  
I just also love that war was in quotations. Yeah, then they're like war regular kids playing with water and power stocks. Exactly that

Elise  11:23  
they wore in the 30s. That's not worn 2021

Unknown Speaker  11:26  
Alright, so moving on. This is our This is a first for our that week in ridiculous ready headlines. We are going to talk about things that are going on right now.

Elise  11:36  
Right now right

Unknown Speaker  11:38  
now. This week, the Rhode Island political Co Op made two big announcements. The first being that Matt Brown and Cynthia Mendez are running for governor and lieutenant governor on a unified ticket.

Elise  11:48  
What does that even mean? Can you even do that?

Shay  11:50  
Is it like the golden ticket for Willy Wonka?

Elise  11:52  
I don't know. As long as somebody is wearing pants? I don't care.

Unknown Speaker  11:55  
The second piece of news is that the COP is running 5050 whole candidates and next year's races across Rhode Island. Pretty big. Yeah.

Elise  12:04  
Yeah. I mean, if you care, or if you think that like minded people who want to change things are stronger together, then yes, but for everyone else. But also the race. The next race. The Co Op is invested in is the district three Senate race. And next week anchored will have a speed date esque episode with all of the candidates in the field. Except for the one that Co Op is running. Gina Pham, who has yet to answer our calls, emails, Twitter's and more. Damn Gina.

Shay  12:36  
Where are you at girl?

Elise  12:37  
Yeah. Are you being held hostage knock three times in the window if you need us.

Unknown Speaker  12:41  
So we've said this magical buzzword around political club a couple times. But what is the political Co Op?

Elise  12:47  
allegedly? It's a group of progressives who sign up to help each other when they have like minded platform and a grassroots style movement. They've all pledged not to take dollars from corporate PACs, corporate lobbyists in the fossil fuel industry.

Shay  13:01  
And this is important because

Elise  13:03  
your guess is as good as mine. Although some could say that those that are in the co op may play nicer than those who

Unknown Speaker  13:10  
aren't. And whom ste is saying that?

Elise  13:14  
I mean, like everyone

Unknown Speaker  13:17  
magical some Yeah, they can say it's the thing you own damn season say. Yep, sure. So why is this making news in Rhode Island?

Elise  13:28  
Other than no one saw it coming? wrote out sarcastic? No, but like literally like it wasn't we weren't like hearing whispers about this in corners. And so Rhode Island is basically a Venn diagram based on who you're next to and what building you're in. Sometimes that person's your dentist. And the other times he's just your sister's ex husband. So sometimes either progressive on top and in the know and other times you're just shouting into Twitter, about how no one invited you to the party. But honestly, I wouldn't sweat that because the depths are probably all vegan anyway. That was our second vegan mentioned this episode. Yeah, but you try to call eggs vegan and so like, I have a different problem with them. Like, do you think that honey is vegan? or non

Unknown Speaker  14:07  
vegan? But why not? Because it's a byproduct of a creature that made us sort of vegans

Elise  14:13  
that were silk because of worms.

Shay  14:16  
It's a great question. That's a wonderful question.

Elise  14:20  
I'm just like, byproduct is not like milk, like they're working for this. It's literally they don't use the honey.

Unknown Speaker  14:26  
I'm not I'm not I can't tell you I'm not vegan. I just allegedly no vegans,

Elise  14:31  
I'm pro putting bees to work. If they're gonna threaten us and sting us on a regular basis. I say you're gonna get something we need something out of it. And that something should be sweet. And really good on Greek yogurt with like some frozen berries. And like if you just like shave a little bit of like lemon zest on top, just really like levels that up at least what are you going to have for breakfast? I have ever breakfast a lot actually.

I like nice things.

Unknown Speaker  15:00  
that's a that's a very nice thing Yeah, thank you for vegan anyway allegedly allegedly so safe to say this is going to be making news for the next year at this political Co Op

Elise  15:11  
Yeah, it's all gonna end yeah God

Shay  15:16  
never ever ever

Elise  15:17  
yeah we got a whole plug we had a whole thing next year but we had to start at this year.

It was a nice little introduction. Yeah and a moose boosh. Yeah, we'll see where this goes. I'm using boosh.

Shay  15:28  
 Well. That's all we have for today folks. Don't forget to follow us on the Big Four Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube all at anchor the show. But most importantly,

Elise  15:37  
stay salty.

Shay  15:38  
Stay salty.

Elise  15:45  
anchored is produced by Trailblaze Media along with myself, Elise Swearengin, and Shay Weintraub from Trailblaze Media. Ezra winters is our executive producer.